Reservation rules

Your reservation will not be confirmed until you receive EMAIL notification from us.

In case you didn't received confirmation for our side it means that your reservation is NOT VALID or we don't have free tables.

Credit Card Policy: Your credit card details are solely to guarantee the reservation. In case of late cancellation ( after 5PM on the day itself ) or in case of no-show you will be charged - 50 € per person.

Dress code: Casual / Casual Elegant

Reservation Q&A

Do you charge my credit card for X € when i make reservation ?
We don't charge your credit card instead we do pre-authorization - a temporary hold placed on your payment card.

In what situation do you charge my credit card ?
Your credit card will be charge if you don't make cancellation before 5PM on day of your reservation or on NO-SHOW

When will your system release pre-authorized amount ?
Your pre-authorization will be cancelled and processed in next 24h after your booked date

Why can't i pay with my AMEX (American Express) ?
Our bank doesn't support online payment via AMEX. Please check underneath which cards do we support.